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BASIC NECESSITIES # 11 "is it my world ?", action with Daniele Bonaiuti and Maria Caterina Frani

Kinkaleri, "is it my world ?", action with Daniele Bonaiuti and Maria Caterina Frani, Florence 8 May 2020.

is it my world ? is a project by Kinkaleri that simply asks a question about the political and artistic possibilities of the human being, in the personal and collective research of the individual living being in this century, where everything approaches the border, where the ages end and everyone gets the task of imagining the future. is it my wold ? invests in a direct way the city, crossing it in a race with flag, question and testimony at the same time, an opportunity to try to move the history of humanity in a different direction from the one that has led us here.

Kinkaleri was founded in 1995, the dynamic nature of the group has allowed to consolidate an original creative research, recognized on the contemporary performing arts scene in Italy and abroad. Kinkaleri’s production area is developed through diversified itineraries : shows, performances, installations, video productions, sound, installations, publications. Since 2001 Kinkaleri has had its operative headquarters in Prato in Spazio K, the group is currently formed by Massimo Conti, Marco Mazzoni, Gina Monaco.